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1 definition by Myland3r

Someone who is too stubborn or just in denial about the inadequacy in quality and effectiveness of Microsoft products compared to Apple products.

Symptoms are constantly defending and making excuses for the sub par product pumped out by Microsoft.

The person, has seen by outsiders, looks to be waging a hopeless war against impossible odds.

People have compared it to the Battle of the Alamo or Leningrad. One observer compared it to Star Wars; the Rebels v. the Empire. Except in this case the Empire won.

It can be painful to watch someone go down this dark road.

Just picture Rocky I but at the end rocky dies. And Loses. And Apollo bones Adrian.
Microsoft Apologist: "For your information, sir, We can use Windows XP for the remainder of this century. Further more, you think your computer is so cool. Can it get Viruses? I didn't think so!"
by Myland3r March 02, 2011