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The act of going home with a person with the sole intention of engaging in sexual intercourse. When the host leaves the room to clean up or use the restroom, the guest hurridly makes their leave unaware to the host.
After finishing the vigorous bout of sex, Sarah went to the bathroom to clean up. Steve gathered his things and headed out the window leaving Sarah with the curtains flapping in the wind. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Steve had planned the bash and dash from the beginning.
by Myke79 July 28, 2006
When one engages in a bash and dash and upon leaving they exit with the hosts house cat or small dog.
Shane was so horrible in bed that while making her leave, Nancy grabbed his beautiful cat, Chuckles performing a picture perfect bash and dash with petty theft.
by Myke79 July 28, 2006
Sexual move where the male gives the female a facial, then performs a mud bath on their chest.
Man, the other day in the bed room, I took my girlfriend to the day spa!
by Myke79 October 25, 2005

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