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1 definition by Mykah Piss

An emo twitch is the convulsion of a shaggy haired kid. When your emo bangs get in your eyes or are too far over for your bang-limitation, you swing your head to the side, causing the hair to flip over and get out of your eyes. The hair often will fall down again, causing another convulsion.
Injuries include cramped necks, an emo twitch OCD, or terrible music-listening to-ness*.
(*"Emo" music; It sucks penis.)
Girl: ZOMG. Owii. Mii neck!
Boy: LOLOL. Whass wrong with yuu?
Girl: I'm getting too much emo twitches.
Boy. ZOMG. Awehh. Yuu poor thing.
Girl. I lurvee yew!
Boy: I lurve yuu too!
by Mykah Piss November 11, 2007
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