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noun. refers to the sweat beads and/or general perspiration on a fat woman's gunt. Salty in taste, and pungent in odour, these pits of moisture are neither desirable or attractive. commonly found on obese women on a humid day. Not to be confused with cuntal juice
A : "fuck man, that fat bitch's stomach is shining in my eyes"

B : "thatll be the sun reflecting off her guntal juice"
by Myea August 21, 2005
noun. female breasts, but referring especially to the larger sized mammary glands. not specific to firmness or nipple size, although with incline toward large cleavage visibility.
A : "jesus christ, check out those knockers"

B : "fuck dude, those are some serious baboomers"
by Myea August 21, 2005
noun. although technically referring to the mucus-like lining of a CUNT, or vaginal seepage in general, can also be used as a derogatory term for objects and beings alike. Becoming an ever-popular expression of anger, frustration or disapproval
A: "Trigger has gone to Botch D's instead of football with the lads..."

B: "Oh he's being such a CUNTAL JUICE"
by Myea August 20, 2005

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