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2 definitions by Myconfidence

The odor, often redolent of swamp ass, related to perspiration in the region of the thighs and buttocks; may be caused by improper attire as well as poor personal hygiene, the walk of shame, road marches in Texas, deployments to deserts, or Mormonism.
"Dude, I was on the train the other day and there was this fat chick who must have been the target of a gang bang her butt must was so bad."
by Myconfidence October 22, 2006
The sensation of sweaty thighs in bunches of fabric, simulataneously enjoying(?) the feeling of having a swamp located just south of one's ass.
"Dude, I had to leave the MoMA after three hours...I was hungry and I had major swamp ass 'cause I was wearing warm-up pants with boots."
by Myconfidence October 22, 2006