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1) A feeble attempt to cover the complete emptiness of one's head.

2) A Moronic response to any question, statement or situation. Slightly less intellectual than, "Huh?" Prompted by exposure to anything one's stunted life experience has not prepared the Individual for.

EXCEPTION: Any Ordinary middle-aged parent may be reduced to "Hah?" by an encounter with their 12 to 17 year-old adolescent. Fathers are particularly vulnerable to this Syndrome while interacting with their Pubescent Daughters.
1) A very sexy young woman grinds her way across the room; all turned out, "Daddy-O, ummmm- I need you to take me to my birth control appointment." The Father looks up at his 13 year-old Daughter, and says, "Hah?"

2) SEXY BLONDE: "Joey, which do you like better, local Microbrew OR a nice dry Chardonnay?" JOEY: "Hah?"
by MyaDragon August 03, 2010
1) A slang term for money. Ordinarily it refers to large amounts of money.
2) The change in one's pocket.

Plural is also dango. No "S" is added at the end of the word.

This use of the term was coined on the East Coast, 2003- 2004. Its usage spread rampantly through people aged 17- 22.
"This dawg cost a whole lotta dango!"

"That chiquita I was wit' las' night took every damn dango out my pants & was GONE when I woke up."
by MyaDragon January 20, 2010

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