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A guy that plays Combat Arms. He has a really cool name and really cool hair. He can become best buddies with everyone, but especially me. Word. He's viet. NGUYENNGUYENNGUYEN. Best buds for life fo sho.
Sonny is my best friend.
by MyPuzzle August 19, 2010
A guy that is extremely conceited. He thinks he's the smartest kid out of everyone. He's Asian so he obviously gets A's. He always pretends to cry when you pick on him and mess on him but then he says "Just kidding" with a straight face. He's KOREAN (get him girls).... He's actually a very good friend. He usually just takes all the jokes and insults and turns them around to make them good. He loves to sing and wants to be famous and rolling in money one day. He ESPECIALLY loves Combat Arms. He can beat you all.... If not, he's just having an off day. He hates it when you mess with his hair and always cares about how he looks. AND HE HAS NO MIDDLE NAME. Oh, and also, he thinks he can save the world with his asian superpowers.
Wow, look at DaLarm. Getting A's as usual.
by MyPuzzle August 19, 2010

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