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A Susanne is one of the most awesome girls you'll ever meet! She is usually brunette and is really into good music. She dresses well and is skinny and gorgeous. All the guys are jealous of Susanne's boyfriend and her boyfriend couldn't be happier! She can be violent but only in a funny way. Overall Susanne are awesome and rare. So if you find one hold onto her and never let her go :D
Example 1:
Guy: damnnn gir
Guy 2: Dude that's Susanne
Guy: how you know?
Guy 2: I can just tell man...

Example 2:

Guy: damnnn gir
Guy's Girlfriend: *SLAP*.... oh wait i know what you're talkin about... after all, that is a Susanne!
by MyNameIsStein January 24, 2011

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