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A phase in a Linux user life where he keeps switching from a distro to another, as new half-cooked features are hacked/patched into them.

They are usually proofs of the theory that the only thing concrete you can do with a linux distro is to simply install it... and spend your evening tweaking the settings of the X-Window server.
Typical distro-slut quotes:
"Woah, Red Hat rocks!" (1996)

"Red Hat sucks, they do business like Micro$oft! SuSe is sooo l33t!" (1999)

"SuSe is a big bad Novell brand! Gentoo rulez 'coz of it's portage system! (2004)

(Distro-slut then switches to FreeBSD as he realize the ports system was a FreeBSD idea, and lives happily ever after)
by My-name-is-already-taken-dammit October 10, 2006

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