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When the gases in your colon are so great that they fire out a turd that bounces of the porcelain with loud report!
After Jon ate that burrito he was raining some serious "Hershey Hailstone!"
by My Anus January 28, 2013
A person or persons who mine asses with little to no expectations of a payout.
Bill became a Bum Driller after his wife divorced him.
by My Anus October 04, 2013
A Dutch Rudder wherein the hands of both participants are covered in feces.
Alex gave Bobby a Mudder Rudder in the change room.
by My Anus October 04, 2013
When a loud and violent bowel movement explodes from your colon covering everything in site as your friends run in futile terror.
After eating those taco's, Jeremy's ass became Mount Vepoopius.
by My Anus October 04, 2013
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