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13 definitions by MuzlFlash

When the guys go out without their girlfriends, to do guy stuff. Sounds like a gay thing, but it's not. This term is used more often by women than men.
Tell your bitch girlfriend that we're going on a guy's night out.
by MuzlFlash August 20, 2003
A post that makes up part of a fence.

What, you didn't know that?
Hey, what's that post that mkaes up part of that fence?

That's a fence post, dumbass.
by MuzlFlash August 22, 2003
To cease do what you are currently doing.
Please stop beating me
by MuzlFlash August 18, 2003
The act of expelling(to throw out or reject).
The expulsion of the pencil from his nose was quite violent.
by MuzlFlash August 20, 2003
When a bullet gets stuck in a gun's barrel, can be very dangerous if another round is fired after a squib round.
Tommy's gun exploded because he had a squib round during full-auto fire.
by MuzlFlash August 10, 2003
Fucking crazy
I'm not crazy, I'm just metnally unstable......KILL! MURDER!
by MuzlFlash August 22, 2003