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Ice Cream terms: My dad invented this term a few years back. It was around Pre-teen or between when I was 9 years old. I secretly called it a "Mutation Mix".

What happens is you mix a few flavors together to make 1. But what I did was mix 2 flavors together. I mixed Black Raspberry with Chocolate Chip and it tasted nice!
person 1: *takes two quart cups of ice cream and opens them, putting first 2 small scoops of one flavor in his dish and then another 2 small scoops of the second flavor*

person 2: Hey what are you doing with the ice cream?

person 1: I'm mixing 2 flavors together to make one.

person 2: Is that a mutation?

person 1: *smiles in agreement* exactly.
by Mutation Mix Master May 18, 2010
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