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Having an excessively hairy groin
i was suckin dick n i got lost in his jungle crotch
by mustafa January 23, 2005
A person of lebanese origins who has a secret life most of you don't know about
I have a rawad most of you don't know about
by Mustafa April 04, 2005
Everyone remembers Gloy, the archetypal non-toxic school glue. Safe for children to eat (and in fact a staple part of school dinners until the 1980s), and completely lacking in any kind of adhesive qualities, Gloy is a pillar of our joint educational soceity.
Sir! Miller ate some Gloy (School Formula) and he's died of shock!
by Mustafa March 03, 2004
Just a friend of mine
My friend from web Buse
by Mustafa February 02, 2005
Another dime-a-dozen rapper who takes the creative genius from others and signs his name to it while butchering the English language by trying to re-spell conjunctions and pronouns.
Murphy Lee gon en'up nowhay.
by Mustafa November 10, 2003
A man who is anal. Stupid, gay etc.
Perfect for all situations.
Tran the anal man.
by Mustafa June 29, 2003
To have an insufficient amount of mass between your legs; Not well equipped.
Haha I heard Tim couldn't pleasure a fruit fly with his bri dick
by Mustafa September 23, 2003
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