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Pooping your pants to leave work; Usually because it has gotten too busy.
"OMG, why is it so busy today!? Looks like I'll be taking the 'ol Diarrhea Express home."
by Mustache Comb December 02, 2009
Going to the bathroom at work.
"Phew, that was a big meal, looks like I'll be washing the bowl out"
by Mustache Comb December 02, 2009
Forgetting to patent something that turned out to have been worth a considerable amount of money.
"Hey Tom, that light-up extension cord thing really took off! You must be living the good life?". "No....I um forgot to patent that." "Ouch...Talk about pulling a Fuchs...."
by Mustache Comb December 02, 2009
Telling a joke that is incredibly unfunny, but insisting on repeating it to everyone you know.

Can also refer to a prank or joke that was pulled, but isn't funny, yet the original prankster insists on telling it over and over again to everyone he/she knows.
Hubert: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chris: *sigh* ....why?

Hubert: To get to the other side!! LOL HAHAH

Chris: ....that's just A-Paul-ing...
by Mustache Comb December 04, 2009
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