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Nerdfighters are just like regular people except instead of being made out of bones and tissue and organs and exetra they're made out of awesome. Nerdfighters fight against suck and fight for awesome. They fight using their brains, their hearts, their calculators and their trombones.
"I'm such a nerdfighter!"
"I believe in awesome, hate suck, enjoy being a nerd and have watched all of the 500 vlogbrother videos!"
by Musique_Nerdfigher August 15, 2009
A failwin means that you're not sure if it is a fail, a win or a fail so epic that it's a win or a win so epic that it's a fail.
"I just took a quiz that said I was 100% evil!"
"Win! No...Fail! no...FAILWIN!"
by Musique_Nerdfigher August 15, 2009

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