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Milf means "mom I'd like to fuck". Its a word of affection males who like older women gave older women.

Unfortunately, older women's sense of self beauty is not derived from actual beauty. Its derived from her belief that adult women in their teens and 20's are a perversion of some kind and that only sickos fall in love with 18-27 year old women. "us 43 year old women are the hottest because only perverts like those 24 year old women."

Older women (including milfs) tend to lash out at older males (28+) who date young women and tell these males' young girlfriends to break up with them because age gaps are 'dangerous' and 'predatory'. This is known as a Milf Attack.
"You are 29. My niece is only 20. You are almost 30. that is too old for her. You dangerous creep"-typical milf attack.

"you are 45 and she is 25. That is sick. You dirty old man. creep. Sicko. Letch. Pervert. If she has any brains, she will run from you old man. MANIPULATOR!!!"-Typical milf attack from an older woman.

"No boytoy ever forgets where we were the first time we were milf attacked by an older woman because we were 29 and our girlfriend was 18. How dare us. thats just sooo 'sick'. She even told my girlfriend to break up with me because I was 'dangerous' due to being older. Older women (milfs) take our youth and then call us perverts and 'dangerous' when we get older and catch up on the time they took from us with a young beautiful lover of our own. That is milf's fatal character flaw. Unbelievable. Wow. Just wow."-typical boytoy blossoming into a milf attacked sugardaddy

"damn. My girlfriend's mother milf attacked me because I am 32 and she is 20. She told my girlfriend I'm dangerous. Now my girlfriend wont take my calls. I've never done anything 'dangerous'. What a bitch"-john
"wow. john. You got totally milf attacked!! Milfs got issues"

by Muscular Rugby Player December 30, 2007

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