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3 definitions by Murd0c

A 'professional' bootleg camera job with direct sound. Wherein a VCD pirating group sends a cammer to a cinema with camera and wireless mic's. Cammer attaches wireless mics to speakers, videotapes the image off the cinema screen and goes and rips a/v to his computer and encodes and disseminates through the internet.

Asian versions of telesyncs are called silvers
Non-direct sound or overall shitty quality telesyncs are often refered to as cams.
Centropy and TCR release some of the best telesyncs on the scene right now. FTF and UMS release the worst.
by Murd0c November 14, 2003
Exclaimation used in Phone Losers of America circles and on UplinkIRC for useless banter.

<Darkk_Inferno> So I upgraded Hal
<Murd0c> OMG HAX!
<Tacojon> OMG HAX!
<Darkk_Inferno> I hate you all

Posted by GingrBreadMan 04/02/03 11:48:01 -

by Murd0c September 14, 2003
Someone who makes senseless noise on a conference.
Who the hell is troning out the conf?
by Murd0c August 21, 2003