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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in 1881 in Selanik. His father name is Ali Rıza and his mother name is Zubeyde Hanim. He was a soldier. When the Ottoman Empire was lose first world war, the enmies took over the Turkey and Mustafa Kemal adn his friends drove away all enemies from Turkey. And then he publish Republis of Turkey. He died in 1938 is İstanbul.
Ataturk was the greatest Turk in the world.
by Murat Selçuk February 03, 2005
Islamic law (fiqh)is the law which based on the Islamic rules. Its sources are Kur'an (Koran), Hadith, concensus (icma) and reason (kýyas). Islamic law wants to organise muslim life from born to die.
Every muslim must know Islamic law.
by Murat Selçuk February 03, 2005
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