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1. A tropical fruit that resembles a piece of shit
2. A hindu guru's testicle.
3. Used as an expression of disatifaction.
1. That looks like a very ripe bunga seed.
2. Tell that man put stop showing his bunga seeds in public!
3. Thats great...THIS IS PURE BUNGA SEED!
by Munnacles June 17, 2007
1. A very shitty berry of any species.
2. Rabbit/ Mouse/ Rodent shit.
1. Ewww! This pie tastes like it was made with bungaberries.
2. Yo man, stop scattering your pet's bungaberries all over the rug.
by Munnacles June 17, 2007
An imaginary tycoon mogul that will own everything in the future. (Books, cars, magazines, recording studios, cellphones, computers, toilet paper etc.)
Yo man, Grouch is the future...theres no stopping it.
by Munnacles June 17, 2007

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