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A word used by 13-15 year old, chatty girls..who Just Won't Shut Up.
BrittanyX0xCheerGuRL: hay Hailey..how u doing?
F0.ev.4uHailey: ehm..not soh wehl..im feelin emmegawdish..
BrittanyX0xCheerGuRL: Emmegawdish? OMG! MEH 2!
F0.ev.4uHailey: Well anyways..i ttly had a bad hair day and my bf kissed another girl and i got a d on my langwauge artz grade and suzie called me fat again and brett said i looked ugly and i spilt spaghetti all over my new white shirt and every1 lolzed at meh and i ttly hate mi life..
BrittanyX0xCheerGuRL: Watev..shut up bi*ch u dont know how hard it is for me..soo..lyk i tried 2 studi 4 my math test but i got a 66 on it n every1 sed im a dumb blonde..then my bf zack dumped me 4 ugly nicole and i ddnt get to be cheer captn in fact they kicked me off and said i culd try lacrosse omg wat is lacrosse idk pls tell me wat that is omg..
by MunkyBizness March 25, 2008

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