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An opportunity for people with money to bitch about the "help" who are doing the jobs that they are too lazy or unskilled to do.
I worked my rear end off building decks for people until some dweeb in a suit put my name in Angies list saying I whistled while I worked and he didn't like it. Now my business is sinking so I am suing him into poverty to cover my losses.
by MULIDO June 18, 2008
Text message generated Swine flu hysteria, or a good reason to skip school.
Q: I heard 900 some kids called in sick in Saint Charles today, how'd that happen?

A: Nice weather outside, Swine flu in the news, text messaging technology.... all added up a Saint Charles Plague (OPPORTUNITY)!
by MULIDO October 22, 2009
What Won't Obama Tax? Growing frustration over Government programs rammed through legislation with little or no Congressional review.
This is foolish, I don't make $250,00 a year, and I don't drive a gas guzzler, but they slap me with a Gas tax, a carbon tax, an alternate energy tax, an excise tax because I earned a Bonus through hard work! They even want our soldiers to pay for their own health care. This is Usery: WWOT!!! (What Won't Obama Tax?)
by MULIDO March 18, 2009

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