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A person who believes one music genre is superior to all other music genres. Usually has a narrow minded view of expanding upon their music tastes. A parasite to the jukebox in a bar when they put in $5 and play only gutter punk, only metalcore, or only reggae.
Leslie: God, another song from Atreyu? This is like the fifth one!
Mike: Yeah, some audiocentrist put his life savings into the jukebox earlier in the night. I'm tired of this shit.
by Muhmurphy February 24, 2008
To do a line of cocaine out of a furry Serbian's butthole while he/she uses his/her farting ability to propel more of the powdery substance into the user's nostrils.

coke user: "I'd like to combine my love of cocaine with the smell of a breezy fart."

Serb: "A Serbian musket should do the trick, let me rub my butthole a little bit so more coke can go inside."

coke user: Awesome.
by Muhmurphy February 10, 2008

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