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legend has it this name was once a nickname for a great man but now many people have forgotten what it stands for.
But itelligence tells me a "mufo" can be:

Any male that is always right, funny and is often mistaken for a god. This things are also there only downside. Often pet named as:

and Mufifi
"Wow! He is one of those Mufo's"


"GOD! Why are you always right!"
"yes i am, and because i'm a mufo"
by Mufo, the original May 29, 2008
Emotionally charged punk rocker.

Legend has it they slit there wrists but most of them don't
the rumour was likely started by a depressed Emo and a chav started telling the world they kill themselves.

Often has black hair swooshed to the side if a boy and most have Jet black hair.

it has been known that emo's with natually black hair dye it black anyway
"Hey look at that emo with black hair"
"i bet its listening to some band like MCR"
by Mufo, the original May 29, 2008

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