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Masturbation primarily for maintenance and not necessarily for self gratification. Without it, one may not think clearly, act rationally, or make the best decisions around the opposite sex.

Much like clearing bats out of the belfry.
Brian: I screwed up last night with Karen. I was off my game.

Simon: 'Cause you weren't thinking dude, all you wanted was to get laid.

Brian: Huh. Really?

Simon: Next time, take care of business before seeing Karen.
by MuffyDev August 06, 2010
When "Unmentionables" like bras, underwear and even socks are truly unmentionable but still worthy of discussion.

The perfect undergarments will accessorize the entire outfit, far more than bracelets, shoes, necklaces etc (traditional accessories).
Jadyn's outfit looks stunning, especially when she moves and you get a glimpse at what other accessories she's got on.

Devin's pants are too low, you can see the accessories, and I don't mean the hardware of chains, belt and bracelets.
by MuffyDev July 30, 2010

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