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The protagonist in the XBox360 game "Dead Rising." He knows how to use a gun...kinda
"I've covered wars, ya' know..."-Frank West from "Dead Rising"
by Muffinz August 26, 2006
"She's Too Young" is a Lifetime movie based on a ridiculous amount of horny teenagers, in which mass amounts of drugs are taken, and of course, there's more sex occuring than in a porno. The whole point is that 14 year olds shouldn't have sex.
"I've slept with 15...maybe 20 guys" - Dawn, from "She's Too Young"
by Muffinz August 25, 2006
Girls that range from ages 8-22 (average) that believe the world belongs to them and them only. They gossip about anyone that stands up to them and ruin their life.
Popular girl 1: OMG, like, Brittany totes has the ugliest shoes!!
Popular girl 2: and did you see her makeup? UGH
They such mean girls
by MuffinZ June 10, 2014

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