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A mother of all mudkips, who pretends to be a pokemon. His student-life time grade averge is 52.669% and is currently re-completing his 9th school year.
Kevin-Lau currently holds St.***'s best c-walk record of 68 wins and only 1 loss to a mysterious c-walk master in Youtube. Never really pays attention in classes, and his usual school routine is to skip some classes and making a mudkip styled c-walk videos. He is currently battling Kir**us and Su
**en to gain his 69th win this season. It is reported that his all time goal is to be a ture Asian and get a new sweater from the Winners.

Career Stats:(C-Walk)
Wins: Total of 256 wins
Loss: Total of 56 loss
Achievment: Hold's St.***'s longest C-Walk wining streak of 67 wins.
Career high winning percentage:98.5%
Overall Standing: Ranked at 12th place.

"Let's c-walk like there's no K.L tommorow."

"So I heard you like Mudkips"

"So I heard you have been c-walking like K.L for six years..."
by MudkipMom April 15, 2009
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