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Weekends in which buddys smoke weed for as long as possible. watch films, and just scoff food and be stoned, and watch 8 mile
28th of augest untill like the first of sept. me (muddy) and chris stonned,
*sheds a tear*
by muddy December 17, 2004
A bong made from 6 coca cola cans stuck together with a hole each end. Measures 3 1/2 foot long. Gets you stonnnnnnned on one toke!
Hey chris, pass the bazooka

Hey, let me take a hit on the bazooka
by muddy January 07, 2005
A pile of shit on the ground. See DoucheBag.
The KingTurd fell off.
by Muddy August 19, 2004
A gpforums regular who attempts to act cool. People accept him because he has a cute dog.
Look it's Twizzla over there; butts to the wall boys!
by Muddy February 16, 2005
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