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Any place or idea that is considered taboo or at the very least extremely disturbing.
I'm not going in there! That place is fucking Silent Hill!

Necrophilia? Dawg, you been spending too much time in Silent Hill.
by Muad'dib May 26, 2005
The answer is forty-two.
The answer to life, the universe, and everything...is 42.
by Muad'dib May 26, 2005
a mentally challenged person
'That guy across the street is a total ree-ree.'
by muad'dib August 26, 2003
When one rubs the back of one's hand against the palm of your other, then hit your palm to make a very loud slapping noise; routinely used as a threat
Boy, you put antifreeze in my tea again, and Ima chasp you good!
by Muad'dib May 26, 2005
BInary digiT. The smallest unit of information on a computer/machine. A single bit can only hold one of 2 values, either 0 or 1.
Graphics are often described by the number of bits used to represent each dot in an array.
by muad'dib August 26, 2003
Interchangeable with lolita. A young girl who uses her sexuality to win favor from others. May or not really be sexually active.

Reference from the anime show "CardCaptor Sakura," starring such a girl.
That little Sakura! I know she's a manipulator, but damn she's hot!
by Muad'dib May 26, 2005
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