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Definition: to be like a hero among men, live like a legend, emulate the dude

Synonyms: all right, all the rage, bad-ass, boss, chic, cooking with gas, cool, copacetic, dandy, decent, delightful, dope, excellent, faddy, groovy, hep, hot, hip, hunky-dory, ill, in the swim, in vogue, in-thing, keen, kosher, large, marvelous, modern, modish, natty, neat, nifty, now, on the ball, on the beam, out of this world, peachy keen, popular, rakish, right on, sensational, smart, swell, trendy, way-out, with it

Antonyms: disagreeable, disturbing, dull, old-fashioned, out-moded, square, uncool, unpopular, unstylish, unwelcome
He's so Temil, people treat him like VIP everywhere he goes.
by MsFine June 14, 2010

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