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..... hypocrites in hiding, we all know them, They are the ones who urinate on your leg and tell you it is a busted water pipe in your abode and you believe it because you live in deplorable conditions. Be careful of the beguiling tongue of the HIH.

That priesthood is HIH.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
The slang of 'what is up with that'.... meant in playfulness not hiphop necessarily
Hey girlie, wuzzupwizzat new walk you got going on...looks like a serious swagger..

Did you hear about the politician who got caught buying prostitutes? wuzzupwizzat?
by MsDeeVeeAns March 20, 2008
Prisoner Of Welfare.....
- a person at war with government over civil/human/welfare rights....the cycle of welfare keeps a person hostage to the abuses of poverty....they become prisoners of the state.
She lost her job and now lives in public housing as a POW
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
.....this is when you know that someone pulled a fast one and went under the radar to deflect attention as they know they violated at least one law. Hard to prove wrong doing but you know they did something wrong.Hinky meter time.
The politician pulled a smoothie when he said he just so happened to be going to the mens washroom to wash his hands.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
Gorbals is that one piece of shameful evidence of historical exploitation done to a people, gang-raped by The English. It is the very first organized public housing system that housed many a vulnerable/impoverished person and family. It is a single piece of information that reveals that government/city developers did not know anything about human nature of evolution before they forced folks into this Concrete Jungle. The Gorbals, as with any ghetto, is set up to 'frag' the people not in power.
If one wishes to see the decay of family integrity one need only look at the families that have been forced to reside in the Gorbals.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
....the deliberate assassination or suffocation or retaliation against any person who speaks out on their rights or about government employee abuses, made to look like a policy malfunction or a characterlogical flaw of that person resulting in injury or death to the target or person being fragged..
The women died after years of fragging.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
..... that thing government/ civil servants and fake advocacy do that reflects the 'whiteness' of politics and all of its oppressive and exploitative practices. One does not need to be Caucasian to be a whitewasher...metaphorically those who paint over messes with a distracting white wash so there is an appearance of cleanliness, resolution and organization. The mess still remains under this thin coat of deception.
The Catholic Church tried to white wash the sexual abuse charges by offering out of court settlements
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008

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