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An anorexic's version of 'inspiration'. They gain inspiration to be as thin as certain celebrities by looking at their pictures and videos. Some make slideshow videos of thin girls such as Nicole Richie, Nicky Grahame, Lexi Lush, Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley etc..and put the videos on YouTube. Some make 'thinspiration walls' which are noticeboards with photos of thin girls pinned up.
6 stone Victoria Beckham is such a thinspiration!
by Ms.Thrift August 31, 2009
A group of three desperate, nerdy teenage brothers who wanted to be rock stars but knew they could never make it as the next Alice Cooper so got signed by the Disney Channel and now play shitty pop songs which they call 'rock'. Amazingly, they've sold nearly 8 million records, none of them bought by anyone over the age of 19. But they're mostly adored by tweens who think that guys with curly hair and huge, bushy eyebrows are the next big thing.
Tween 1: OMG have you heard the Jonas Brothers' new single??!!
Tween 2: Yeah yeah I have! I have to go see them in concert some day ohmigod!
Older Girl: *punches tweens in the face*
by Ms.Thrift August 31, 2009

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