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Just like her name, she's different. You will remember her not just because her name is different, because "it's Aleta". Aleta is always the person you go to, and will be there. yes, times she might not want to be, but shes always there. she's the popular, cute, could be wife, want to have dirty little secrets with, and you will never get with because she doesn't want to be with you, because she loves him. yet you think she's flirting with you when yet she's really just standing there not doing anything. But you like her anyways in hopes to one day have her in your arms. She loves kids, work's all the time and yet still has fun on her time off. she's not afraid to tell you when she doesn't like your attitude, and you will learn to check it at the door. she's loves people but mess with her friends and you have a death wish, shes got spice and isn't afraid to show you what the big boys have taught her. But remember she's a lady. Bright color's, going to the gym, going for walk's and watching movies id the fun after work. Until the summer then its by the fire for the night.
He waiting for aleta to come back and be his.
by Ms.Teddy May 08, 2011

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