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A mime that mimes sexual actions and it shows that nothing is real. It's not actually there. You can mime and mime and mime sex and things and how far will that get you? Nowhere.
Person 1: Have you seen the new Panic! At The Disco video?
Person 2: Yes, they have that whole "pornomime" thing right?
Person 1: Yep. Pornomime was a brilliant idea.
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
A word people make a mistake spelling when it should be beautiful.
Conversation over computer
Person 1: cindy iz so beutiful
Person 2: Um, it's "beautiful".
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
Queen of the Beautifuls. Myspace God. He does makeup for artists and he raps. He's well known off the Internet and he gets lots of respect because he's not afraid to be himself and he's not ashamed. He's awesome.
Person 1: Have you heard "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"?
Person 2: Hmm, that song by Jeffree Star?
Person 1: Yep.
Person 2: Yeah, Jeffree Star is the best.
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
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