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A mime that mimes sexual actions and it shows that nothing is real. It's not actually there. You can mime and mime and mime sex and things and how far will that get you? Nowhere.
Person 1: Have you seen the new Panic! At The Disco video?
Person 2: Yes, they have that whole "pornomime" thing right?
Person 1: Yep. Pornomime was a brilliant idea.
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
1) Term created/used in the music video 'build god then we'll talk' by Panic! At The Disco..

2) A mime that has sex with the air because he's horny and doesn't have a girlfriend. A Porno Mime pretends to bang an imaginary person without saying anything. Most chick porno mimes have silent orgasms (no idea how that works out, but whatever)

3) My nickname.
If you see a porno mime, get away from him/her. It is very possible that a porno mime will get close to you and ask you: "Hey, you want to have some fun?"
by Carlos [a.k.a. Porno! Mime] November 21, 2007
A scruffy fellow who can't get a girl so simply humps the air?!
strange....yes i no
person one- 'i can't get a girlfriend'
pornomime- 'just do what i do....hump the air!!'
by ......Meeee March 06, 2007
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