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2 definitions by Ms. Hurry

Original spelling of the names "Kaylee", "Kaleigh", "Kayley", etc. From the Gaelic word meaning party.

The girl you don't mess around with. Quiet around strangers, but really just waiting for the moment to strike. Crazy smart and tightly wound by day, anything goes by night. Known as a bitch by some, openly admits it. Willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, including step on the toes of innocent bystanders. Argues until the death on any subject, no matter how pointless it may seem. Seems to take things seriously, but is rather weary of letting on just how much she knows. Holds her liquor well, and once drunk, is up for anything. Literally, anything. Has been known to be caught by friends in compromising situations with the last partner you'd expect to find her with. Watch out for this one, she can back up her confidence. Don't try to fight her.
You better watch it, man. That chick's a Kaley. She's hot, but she'll kick your ass.

God, she's such a Kaley. Last night was so hot, but then today she seemed so... uptight.

So you know that Kaley from the office? Turns out she's a demon with her mouth!
by Ms. Hurry February 01, 2010
A small town in Indiana. Also known as "The Royal Center of Friendliness." Also known as a total shithole.
- I'm from Royal Center.
- I'm sorry.
by Ms. Hurry January 26, 2011