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An attempt to connect to a specified site only to find it redirecting through numerous sub-sites before arrival.
by Ms T February 21, 2003
Perhaps originating from the Road-Runner and Wile-E-Coyote cartoons in which the Road-Runner only said "meep meep"
Can be used as a greeting or exclamation, it is also simply a noice that one may make.
* A meeps to everyone!
<B> Meep!
by Ms T February 21, 2003
Those who are both undead and Homo-Erotic. They like to indulge in Homo-Erotic orgies.
(Abbreviated to H.E.U)
*A is a member of the Homo-Erotic Undead!
by Ms T February 21, 2003
A name from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria for African-Americans. It is rumoured to mean 'slaves' or 'captives', and often carries a derogatory connotation. Some say that the literal definition is 'cotton picker' - The term was popularised in Hollywood by the movie Sugar Hill.

This term has been picked up by Africans in the United States. Many Africans that pick up the word however are not aware that it is derogatory as they do not know the origins and do not know the yoruba language so depending on whos saying it, they may mean it as an insult. If the person is Nigerian, particualry of Yoruba origin, they may have a better understanding of why they are using that word.
It was an akata party.
They were playing akata music.
She thinks shes an Akata, thats why she acts like that.
He acts like an Akata.
by Ms T November 21, 2005
African - some one from Africa.

African in America is different from an African American/ black American becasue we still retain our culture and language. There is no term for Africans in America, most people use the name of the specific country ie Nigerian -American, Malawian-American, South - African American, rather then the general "African" for those that are first generation or naturalised. This is so that African Americans are not to be confused with African in America.

(ie Italian American is used over European American becasue it is more specific),part of the reason people tend to hyphenate the term 'african' is becasue people still tend to see Africa as one large country with different states, as opposed to several ( 56 different countries with distincet cultures, languages, and laws.)
Are you African or African American?
I am an African and a citizen of an African country.

He may be a white citizen of an African country but is not an African-American because he is white.
by Ms T November 21, 2005

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