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n. The tendency of the well-to-do to seek gritty reference points, and perhaps to directly give patronage, sometimes reaching the point of co-dependency, perhaps en masse with certain artists, actors and musicians, and/or to re-package towards their own voyeuristic enjoyment as inspirational, entertaining, dirty, real; perhaps to compensate for a felt or perceived lack in their own lives, or for comparison. As such, detached from the reality and compassionately pertinent facts, and/or detached from the effect their interest or patronage may have.
"That music is so real. Her battle with drug addiction and her emotional life is just so raw and immediate in that song. "

"yes, but shouldn't we have been more concerned if she was alright. That attitude is just demonstrating a need for a kind of psycho-porn isn't it? Surely it shouldn't quite be just entertainment that drip feeds the needle with the heroin of tabloid publicity?"

Guardian article: (on Burton's new collection dedicated to Arthur Scargill.)
"There's more to this new Arthur Scargill chic than mere fashion nostalgia"
Comment: psycho-porn.
by MrsApple December 11, 2012

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