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a classified advertisement which combines written text with a photo, derived from the combination of the words PHOTO and classiFIED. The ad can be either used in print publications or on-line. This type of advertising is far more effective than traditional text-only classified ads, because a picture is worth a thousand words.
Take a picture of the car you have for sale so we can put a photofied ad in the paper.
Take a picture of your Civic so we can put a photofied on Craigslist.
by MrLee January 22, 2014
reffering to the high skill / goodness of an object / person, also reffering to the popular clan 3 of the barrys world leauge during the late '90's and early 2000's (#3 for more details)
peon1. So what do you think of my new computer?
Peon2. its not too bad m8
Peon1.Fuck off m8 its fucking elite!
by Mrlee March 10, 2003

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