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Another word for chav but used mainly in the north east of England, particularly Newcastle.

They can be identified by many things including:

-Berghaus coats
-Stripy jumpers, Fred Perry and Henri Lloyd ones in particluar
-Adidas tracksuit bottoms with white socks over them
-Rockport boots
-Nike air max trainers
-Lacoste tracksuits

They tend to smoke and drink alot, usually drinking Sweaty/Lambrusco (A £1 wine) for the girls and cans of Fosters for the boys.

They listen to rave music, paticualarly makina with mc-ing over it, known as New Monkey. They will often go to a club in Sunderland called The New Monkey where they listen to these MC's, the most famous being MC Stompin, here they will take lots of pills and get wasted, proceed to the chillout room and get stone on tac (cheap cannabis resin)

They live on benefits or if there lucky McDonalds income.

They engage in underage sex and the females will often have kids by the age of 14.

They swear alot and use there own type of language.
Look at them charvers outside the off license.
by Mr_Pope October 08, 2005

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