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An short explanation of gothic art; literature; and subculture:

Anything that is goth or gothic relates to some degree how the old Germanic tribes were viewed.

Around the 12th Century gothic architecture started to appear. It was called gothic because certain critics considered this new form of art as barbaric as the old Germanic tribes. Gothic art was seen as raw, unrefined, and was better suited for a past and forgotten era.

The term gothic was also later used to describe a type of story or poem, normally associated with horror and the supernatural. This was probably looked on with some distaste like the art form before.

As for todays goth subculture although it was born in the 80s with the invention of goth rock music, the word goth still relates to something that is unpleasing because it seems harsh and unrefined.

Although punk could also be considered harsh and unrefined, it is commonly associated with anarchism, while the goth subculture was associated with the philosophy of nihilism.

Nihilism has many branches to it, but in its simplest form it is extreme skepticism.
Gothic architecture contained pointed arches, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress.

Gothic literature often included horror, terror, medieval backdrops and gothic buildings, melodrama, and parodies.
by MrTinder October 10, 2009

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