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1) The term mistakeningly used by people who see fit to walk on eggshells around a Black Americans out of fear of offending them. In reality, a person may actually offend a Black/African American person more because they assume that they will be offended by Black.

2) A term used to formally describe an American ethnic group. This specific group uses this term mostly in formal situations and Black in casual situations but most could care less about which one is used to describe them.

3) The only term used to describe an American ethnic group that is constantly debunked, although this particular American ethnic group are only seen as Americans when it's convenient.
1) Girl 1: Yeah that was such a cute Bla.... I mean African American guy!
Girl 2: You know, you don't have to say African American. Black isn't offensive.

2) Guy 1: Do you prefer Black or African American?
Guy 2: Either is fine, just not Nigger.

3) After the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, people noticed how organized and orderly the Japanese were. When speculators tried to use the comparison between how Americans reacted to disaster after Hurricane Katrina and how the Japanese reacted, these were the popular responses:
"Japan didn't have any looting because there were no Blacks."
"Only Blacks and Latinos were looting the stores"
"It wasn't Americans who did the looting, it was "African-Americans""
Why these responses? Because African-Americans are less American than all others and become American enough when it's convenient.

Rap=Black music

Blues=American music (although it was also made by Black/African Americans)
by MrSpeechie2010 March 02, 2012

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