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Indie Kids are generelly aged between 13 and early 20's. More often than not you will find they are pretensious, rude and sarcastic. This is probably because of the fact indie kids are ofen very sharp and very quickwitted. Indie kids can generally come across as pretty horrible unles you take the ime to know them. They can often be seen hanging around East London and Brighton. Then they go off and dance theyre 60s dance moves.

Many indie kids are very artsy and have intrests in things such as drawing, painting, photography, knitting, making clothes etc. All indie kids love to read and have generally read only books you've never heard of i.e A Clockwork Orange. All indie kids have read this book. And all indie kids bum this movie.

Most indie kids wardrobes are made up of Tophshop/Topman and vintage clothes from vintage shops, charity shops, their grannies closet etc. Indie girls generally either have ligh blonde, dark brown or bright red hair. They all have full bangs and they all wear headbands, either with their hair poofed up over the top or low on their foreheads. Indie guys geneally have long messy fair with long messy side fringes and look like they have never brushed it in their lifes.

Then there's the music.
All indie kids bum music WAY too hard. They have theyre MP3/IPods/Old CD Walkmans everywhere with them and are plugged into it constantly. Any indie kid can name a 1000 of theyre faivourate bands and you can gauretnee you'll never have heard of any of them. They tend to hate any band or singer that they consider mainstream (anything in the top 40)
They tend to lisen o bands from back as early as the 1960s. Typical indie kid bands include Bright Eyes, The Long Blondes, The Shop Assistants, The Who, The Beatles, The Shangri Las and The Rascals.

Basically the short of it is; indie kids are clever haughty brats who know to much about everything. They bum their music, they bum their vintage clothing and they bum polotics, art, theyre oher ultra cool indie friends.

Avoid them, unless your ready to be ripped to mental shreds for liking beyonce.
Occaisonoly you get nice shy inide kids. But they are generally very sarcastic and witty along with it.

Regular Kid: Hey, have you heard the new Beyoncé song? Is prety wild isnt it?

Indie Kid: *whilst sipping heir starbucks frappacino and looking at you over their hick indie geek specs* Oh my god, you like Beyoncé! She's so manufactured. Her music isn' wholesome or straight from the soul. Fuck off, go listen to some Gang of Four or The Shop Assistants.

Reghular Kid: Ok

Indie Kids: On second thought.. DONT! Theyre way to good for you!
*Swans on past you on they're topshop shoes and in theyre vintage outfit to go and watch a clockwork orange and have a hardcore discussion about polotics with theyre other indie friends. Before hiting Bethnal Greens hottest indie club to get off with some oher indie kid*
by MrScenester-x- February 24, 2009

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