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Conservative rednecks roaming through the neighborhood looking for wood (cut down tree, curb side wood) for wood stove. They do this not to save the environment but to avoid paying fuel taxes and to obtain a nearly free way to heat home for winter. They can be recognized by large pick’m up truck going up and down the street with gadsden bumper sticker or flag, usually a chain saw in bed or towing a wood splitter, do not engage as they are heavily armed.
Hey boy, get the shot gun and hook up the splitter, we a-going wood trolling!
by MrPlankton May 04, 2009
Insult; meaning you are inpatient, jump to conclusions, can't follow directions. Term originated from the south referring to "cooks" who can't wait long enough to cook their corn bread (johnny cake, journey cake) so that it's wet in the middle.
Todd's cornbread is wet. He can't be counted on to finish his unit testing before checking his code in.

Boy WTF, your cornbread is wet, check the f**k'n shell before you load the shot gun, 12 gauge don't go into a 20 guage.

Pelosi's cornbread is wet, she can't wait three day's for others to read the freak'n health care bill online before voting on it This so constituents can comment to their representatives about it.
by MrPlankton November 14, 2009
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