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a girl that insinuates herself into your sex life
Girl: hey pascal, do you want to trade massages
Pascal:Ok but i'm pretty tired.
Girl; ok why don't i just jerk you off instead
Pascal: just because you give me a massage don't mean you get to touch this, SLAM HO!
by MrPickleTickler November 30, 2011
when you accidentally flashbang yourself playing call of duty
" I was playing MW3 online the other day and I tried to throw a flashbang through a window but it bounced back and I totally flashturbated myself hard
by MrPickleTickler December 29, 2011
to masturbate while reading
"Aw man I was reading twilight the other day and all the talk about vampires and blood got me so excited I had to chapterbate"
by MrPickleTickler December 29, 2011

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