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1. "To be honest" as in "like for a tbh." Often ultillized by attention whores on facebook so they can post a meaningless message about how nice or cute someone else is. Ironically, these "honest" posts are often incredibly obviously lies.

2. Alternatively, tbh can be used to precede a universal truth.
1. Tbh, people who use phrases such as "like for a tbh" are so incredibly useless to society, I'm surprised they're still allowed to continue their time on this Earth. In fact, I'm shocked that the government still allows them to use up my oxygen.

2. Tbh, the phrase "like for a tbh" is astronomically stupid. In fact I would be amazed if the parents of the functionally retarded people who use this phrase haven't yet disowned them out of sheer embarrassment.
by MrPMO March 04, 2013

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