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4 definitions by MrMojoRisin'

A jehovah's witness, especially any of the door to door solicitors
Those fucking j bags came right while I was in the middle of taking a shit!
by MrMojoRisin' October 23, 2007
To hurl


A kayaking term meaning to get a beat down in a hole, reversal, or some other nasty feature. It sucks to be chundered.
That puss-cake chundered after only 3 beers. Lets chief him.

I hit the boof but got my tail caught on the landing so i got chundered in that hole and broke my fucking paddle
by MrMojoRisin' October 21, 2007
A component of a distillation setup. The slobber box allows the distiller to drain water that has accumulated within the tubing leading from the still.
The water boiled over so One Tooth Jim opened the slobber box to save his moonshine
by mrMojoRisin' October 24, 2007
Decent place to get a decent burger. Family that owns it is REALLY fucking religious. Check the bottom rim of a soda cup. They print their favorite biblical passages there. Weird. Food's alright for the price tho.
Dude, it says Deutronomy 11:6 on the bottom of my In-N-Out cup
Isn't that the one where god tells the Jews to brutally slaughter every man woman and child of a nation?
Ya. Religion is fucking stupid
by MrMojoRisin' October 20, 2007