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A term for someone who lags constantly.
"Stop being such a Redfate!"
by MrMaple August 12, 2011
A Vfef is someone who feels that he is a better CV than everybody else. He finds it soothing to zergrush into a battle although he has no guns in an attempt to actually kill someone by having his crew throw paper planes at the other ships. When he gets sunk, he will most likely blame everybody on his team saying that they were not helping him. In the way off chance that he actually does sink someone of the opposing force, he will sit in his chair and usually yell the phrase "OMG Did you guys see that!? lollooolloololoololl."
Vfef starts on Team Alpha

Vfef then rushes straight forward

Vfef then realizes that he sucks at life and can no longer deal with the pain of being a drop out and usually gives up and yells at his team to help him.

Nobody helps and Vfef cries in a corner.
by MrMaple November 08, 2009

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