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(noun) The state of figuratively or literally losing the ability to access your amassed collection of physical or virtual masturbation imagery.
My wife is so insecure that she wiped out the spank bank on my laptop, putting me into spankruptcy!

If I can't come up with something worth roughing up the suspect to I'll lose interest in myself and end up in spankruptcy!

spank bank spankrupt full spank spanktank
by MrLzrd May 10, 2011
(noun) a spanktank which is filled to capacity. May be used to emphasize that one has made a sizeable contribution to one's amount of masurbation materials, or that one has not unloaded a sperm load in too long.
I just finished a download bender of tube sites, so I'm running on a Full Spank.

He must've had a Full Spank, because he blew a load of ropey dicksnot all over the place!

spanktank dicksnot
by MrLzrd May 10, 2011

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