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I LOVE Jamie Boddy!
Basically, she's the shit! She makes me smile when my world is falling apart, she makes me feel like I'm invincible! She's the reason I wake up, write songs, and the reason I breathe! Without her, I'd be a waste of matter! I love her, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her snot-face, her body, her existence, and her everything! :) :) :)
Every guy needs a Jamie Boddy, but they're hard to find!
by MrLucky August 29, 2010
The best couple in the world!
Basically, the guy is the luckiest guy in the world because the girl is PERFECT! The guy loves the girl more, but the girl is stubborn and thinks she loves him more! Gramie re-defines love! They are perfect together and they are going to have the best lives together!
Ughhh, I wish I was in a Gramie
by MrLucky August 29, 2010
1.Someone with few flaws; possessing many desirable qualities.

Someone with many if not all of these traits:

beautiful on the inside and out.








fun to be around.



Usually this person possesses the name Andrea
This girl Andrea is so amazing, she totally matches the definition of perfectness.
by mrlucky February 18, 2013

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