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Plotting, or the conspiracy to seek fecal revenge on your Co-worker, or Janitor. Defecating erratically and fecally vandalizing your workplace's washroom on the day your arch nemesis must clean it up . Planning to leave a fecal masterpiece for the disillusionment of you least favorite co-worker.
"I feel sorry for whoever has to clean the bathroom today. There's hot chocolate frosting everywhere. Looks like a snickers bar in a microwave in there... Someone must have had a Fecal Vendetta. That's a damn shame." SMH
by MrHollandsOpusOne October 28, 2010
The act of purposely flatulating in someone's comfort zone for your own personal pleasure.

A deviant, One who delights in your Nasal Dismay. A sneak, Proficient in all Flatual activity, "You smelt it , he dealt it..."

He's gone, but the putrid "eue de toilette" of his expired breakfast burrito will scar you forever.
sniff..sniff...Who just farted? You smell that??
it must have been that guy that just walked by...
I was wondering why he smiled, that Rogue Flatulator
by MrHollandsOpusOne November 07, 2010
Champagne Noir is a Seductive Apéritif...

Equal parts:




Next drop in a few Black Raspberries, and Fill glass with

Champagne. Cheers!
I want something to drink, but i don't know what?
Bartender : Do you like wine, or spirits?
Try a Champagne Noir, It's Dark, and Strong, but still Light, and Bubbly.
by MrHollandsOpusOne November 07, 2010
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